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872 E. 900 S., Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 521-6026

Blinding Diamonds

Bespoke Wedding bands and Engagement rings


9th & 9th Jewelers started as "The Vug" a unique establishment in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1989. Selling one of a kind rocks, gems, fossils, minerals, gifts, and jewelry that they mined and sought after with their own hands with their children in tow. Rocks then became gems, gems became jewels, and jewels were placed into jewelry...

25 years later Joe replaced the dinosaur bones and petrified wood with diamonds and precious gems. Still a rock hound at heart, he seeks the treasures of the World with his wife and kids, hoping to find something that they can turn into the next heirloom for "your" family, by the next generation of "our" family.

Joe the Jeweler

Available by Appointment

Everyone knows that the pressures of finding the perfect ring can be a little intimidating. When we initially met with Joe, who was recommended by a friend, we knew that designing a custom ring would be an exciting process. Joe worked with us every step of the way whether it was making minor tweaks to our design or having an array of center diamonds to pick from and thinking through every small detail to make sure our ring could be durable and beautiful. You will not be disappointed if you choose Joe as your custom jeweler!


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