New!! (Lab Grown Diamonds) THESE ARE DIAMONDS!!

SO COOL! Yes they have color and clarity flaws just like naturally mined diamond.

BUT...Get this!


These diamonds are 15-30% less than naturally grown mined diamonds.


These diamonds have more rough material to cut from when they are grown in the lab than a natural crystal, so these all have excellent cuts. So brilliant!


Even though the mined diamond market has pretty much cured the conflict of mining natural diamonds in this modern world we live in, it is still extremely hard to track a stone from mine site to finger.

No questions on these ones. My clients love these...

Each diamond comes with a laser engraved serial number on them for reference and they also come with a hard paper copy of the certificate from the laboratory that inspects them.

These lab-grown diamonds come in most shapes, sizes and they are available upon request.

Oh yeah, and I also get these from my local guys.

jeweler diamond microscope.jpeg
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