Mom and Dad started (The Vug) now known as
"9th & 9th Jewelers" as a unique establishment in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1989. Selling one of a kind rocks, gems, fossils,  minerals, gifts, and jewelry. That they mined and sought after with their own hands with their children in tow.  Rocks then became gems, gems became jewels, and  jewels were placed into jewelry...
25 years later Joe replaced the Dinosaur bones and Petrified wood with Diamonds and Precious Gems.
Still a rock hound at heart, he seeks the treasures of the World with his wife and kids, hoping to find something that they can turn into the next heirloom for "your" family, by the next generation of "our" family.
The 9th and 9th Jewelers Family
The Maughan's 1975
Grandma and Grandaddy 1973
The Next Generation 2010