Made to order custom engagement and wedding rings

We offer free overnight digital CAD renderings, price quotes, and any changes you want to your design within 24 hours. 

Upon approval, we average 10-15 days for a completed piece. 


Your Local Family Jeweler

When it comes time to buy an engagement ring, this can be overwhelming and feel like the most important decision of your life. Many people feel like their future is dependent on selecting the perfect ring. Joe the Jeweler specializes in custom rings. He can design the perfect ring that will make sure that your engagement is exactly what you dreamed of.

When selecting from the numerous "jewelry stores", it is important to select a jeweler with experience. At 9th and 9th Jewelers, Joe designs custom wedding rings for everyone. Whether they're promise rings, engagement rings, or wedding bands, he takes the time to make sure every ring is perfect. While diamond rings are the most common, he has experience working with other special gems as well, such as sapphire and ruby. He honed his skills by learning from his parents, who specialized in rare earth gems. Joe started working with rings in high school and he built this craft into 9th and 9th Jewelers. With over two decades of experience building women's and men's wedding rings and engagement bands alike, 9th and 9th Jewelers takes the time to customize every ring to perfection.

Joe The Jeweler

At 9th and 9th Jewelers, Joe builds a unique experience that sets him apart from the competition.  In addition to building custom rings on site for everyone, we offer free overnight digital rendering, price quotes, and more. Many couples have the experience of waiting for weeks or months only to wind up with a ring that doesn't match their dreams and is far more expensive. This will never happen at with Joe's digital rendering and price quotes. Furthermore, should anything happen to the ring, repairs are available in the store. For anyone interested in other rare metals, Joe the Jeweler offers recycled metals such as platinum, gold, and palladium. Every diamond is harvested legally without any conflict involved. Once a piece is ordered, 10-15 days is the average turnaround time for completion.

When it comes to lifelong jewelry, make sure that the ring or band is exactly what you dreamt of. Go with a custom jeweler such as Joe The Jeweler. Don't delay, visit today at 9th and 9th Jewelers!